Tips and tutorials

Traders have a lot of options when it comes to purchasing crypto. However, you should evaluate your risk appetite before trading any cryptocurrency. This is because crypto trading involves extremely high levels of risk.

Risk appetite evaluation involves an analysis of your risk appetite and financial capabilities. As a rule, you should never trade with money you can’t afford to lose. The only way to determine if crypto trading is good for you is to take the risk appetite test.

We offer this test in our trading resources page. The test is accompanied by a guide explaining how it works and the steps to apply it in your trading strategy. Below are other important tips to follow to get amazing results out of the BitTrader tools.

Take advantage of volatility events

Use the BitTrader volatility tracking tools to identify volatility events. The volatility tracking tools include an event calendar and news feed. All these tools can be accessed on the underlying broker’s trading resources page. Ensure that you trade during volatility events to capture all the opportunities. The BitTrader research tools should guide help you build a powerful volatility trading strategy.

Engage the dedicated account manager fully

The dedicated account manager provided by the assigned broker is fully equipped to help you through the trading process.

They will call you immediately after registration. Take the baby steps to trading with them. They should explain everything you need to know about our tools before trading. Moreover, they are always available to answer your trading questions. 

Feel free to call or chat with them any time. You will be assigned to an agent that is available during your trading time zone.

Select a Trading time zone and stick to it

The trading time zone greatly affects the trading outcome. Some time zones bring more volatility than others.

The New York and London time zones have the greatest impact on crypto volatility. You should choose either of the two time zones and stick to it. BitTrader shortens the crypto trading journey by eliminating the tedious traditional trading research process.

This means that you don’t have to dedicate a whole day to trading. You need less than an hour to build and implement a strategy through our tools.