Top 3 Reasons why BitTrader is the best crypto CFDs trading platform for beginners and experts

Superior Performance

We offer you the opportunity to dramatically improve your trading results. Our research tools can improve your crypto CFDs trading accuracy tenfold. Thousands of traders have achieved amazing trading results through the BitTrader tools. We also provide tools to help traders greatly minimize trading risk.


Minimal Trading Risk

There is no trading success without a well-thought-out risk management plan. We help traders build an effective crypto CFD risk management plan. No trading experience is required to build this plan. You only need to do a risk appetite and conduct risk appetite tests to determine the risk control measures to apply.


Intuitive Trading Platform

Trading doesn’t have to be sophisticated! BitTrader is developed to eliminate the complexity of crypto CFDs trading. We make trading absolutely easy for users from all levels of experience. Both beginner and experienced traders can gain a lot from us. We are working on tools to support institutional traders.


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BitTrader Features


Powerful Trading Research

BitTrader eliminates all the hustles of traditional trading research methods. With our tools, you can conduct quality research easily and within minutes. Any beginner can master our research tools within hours. We equip you with the skills to conduct quality technical and fundamental analysis.


Advanced Risk Management

Trading is only successful when a highly effective risk management plan is implemented. We have tools to guide you through building a powerful risk management plan. Also available is a test to help you measure your risk appetite. Your risk management plan should be aligned with your risk appetite.


Transparent Trading Environment

The criteria applied by the BitTrader tools are in the public domain. Moreover, we operate under brokers with a proven transparency track record. These brokers have made all the crucial disclosures for users to make an informed choice. Some have gone a step ahead by offering a blockchain-based trading ecosystem.


Crypto CFDs trading has never been this easy! Utilize the BitTrader tools to maximize all the trading opportunities!

BitTrader allows you to implement quality trades through the best crypto CFDs brokers.

CFD trading can be daunting when done through traditional methods. A complete beginner can take up to a year to master the traditional trading process. However, with our tools, any beginner should master trading within hours.

We make crypto CFDs trading a walk in the park by offering tools to help you build a powerful trading strategy. The trading strategy development should be a breeze. Also provided are tools to help you develop a foolproof risk management strategy.

All the tools under the BitTrader brand are used by the best CFDs brokers. These brokers are committed to transparency and user safety. The commitment is evident through the disclosures on their websites. Some have even adopted a blockchain-powered ecosystem to ensure 100% transparency.

The Global Crypto Industry is expected to triple by 2030: Take Advantage of the Rapid Growth through the BitTrader System!

The crypto industry has been on a dive in the last six months. Analysts report that the dive is propelled by record high inflation, rising interest rates, and global political uncertainty.

Major cryptos such as BTC and ETH have lost more than half of their value in a short period. Bitcoin experienced a free fall, a year ago it was $60,000. In June this year, the price was less than $20,000. But the plummet seems to have hit rock bottom, with major cryptos experiencing an upward trend in the last few weeks.

Bitcoin has gained by more than 20% in the last few days. Analysts report that it’s gearing for a massive rebound. The prices may rebound to the $60,000 mark in the next few weeks. Many expert reports indicate that an enormous boom will follow the rebound.

According to researchers at JP Morgan Chase, bitcoin could bridge the $100,000 mark by early next year. T tens of other leading investment and trading think tanks echo these sentiments. The oncoming crypto boom presents fantastic opportunities to volatility traders.

BitTrader provides the tools to generate quality trades from the booms and busts. Our tools equip you with everything you need to implement a powerful trading strategy. BitTrader helps you build a balanced approach to trade all market conditions successfully.

The strategy helps you identify short-selling opportunities in plummeting crypto markets. Traders use the short-selling technique to hedge against the risk of unprecedented market clashes. The crypto market experiences a lot of unusual minis crashes in its cycles.


BitTrader is the key to successful crypto CFDs trading! Anyone can trade with us successfully!

You have probably tried out crypto trading through the traditional methods and failed. Trading crypto traditionally requires significant skills.

Moreover, it’s a full-time job, given the level of trading research required. A beginner trader can take up to a year to master traditional trading methods. BitTrader offers the tools to make crypto CFDs trading extremely easy and fun.

We do so by offering tools to make trading research easy and fast. A beginner only needs a few hours to master trading research tools. Our tools are built on advanced trading technologies to help you capture opportunities as they arise.

The BitTrader tools perfectly integrate with trading platforms such as the MT4. We operate under globally recognized CFD brokers. Please note that the broker facilitates the trading process. We only link you with the broker and provide tools to help you improve your trading results with them.

BitTrader works with reputable and transparent brokers. However, all traders have an obligation to conduct extra background checks on the assigned broker. The broker is responsible for all trading-related transactions.

This means that all trading-related questions and concerns should be redirected to them. We are not liable for actions taken through the broker. Use the contact form on the BitTrader website for any questions related to our trading tools.

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