Crypto Basics

What cryptocurrency should I trade?

Thousands of coins are available in the cryptocurrency market. While bitcoin and ETH are the biggest in the market, they may not be the best bet for CFD trading. As a result, every wise trader should follow the news to identify the crypto with more opportunities. 

What are the Risks of trading crypto?

You must first understand the risk of trading before getting started. Ignoring the risks will likely lead to poor trading decisions and devastating losses.

To put it another way, after you’ve identified the possible risks associated with trading crypto, you may plan to mitigate them. Here are some of the dangers to be aware of when trading crypto.

They have no intrinsic value

The crypto industry value is largely fueled by the hype. Consequently, the industry lacks intrinsic value. This explains why it’s highly sensitive to news. Some news can drive the industry’s volatility to insane levels.

The crypto industry is super volatile and hence risky to trade

All crypto exists in a realm of speculation. This means that the price of the token is affected by market fluctuations. In other words, the daily crypto plummets could wipe out your entire investment. You should keep this in mind before trading with this bot.

Trading is leveraged and highly risky

You can trade non-leveraged or leveraged crypto CFDs. However, most brokers offer leveraged CFDs. You are likely to earn more by trading on leverage. This is because leverage magnifies the trading outcome. But leverage also magnified the losses. Your account could be wiped out in a single bad trade if overleveraged. We offer the tools to help you trade on a leverage level that suits your trading criteria.