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Will the Bitcoin price rebound?

Bitcoin has lost almost 80% of its value in 2022. All the other cryptos have also lost most of their value. Moreover, the crash has been witnessed in other high-risk asset classes.

Analysts attribute the crash to the rising global inflation and the political tensions in Europe. Investors have been pulling out their investments from high-risk investments and buying safe-haven assets. But inflation is coming down, and hence the bitcoin rebound is imminent.

Should I trade the bitcoin dip?

The bitcoin dip offers great money-making opportunities for both investors and traders. Many analysts predict that the price of bitcoin has hit rock bottom.

This could therefore be the best time for long-term investors to buy. The anticipated bitcoin rebound is bound to come with a lot of volatility. Traders generate the best returns when market volatility is high. This is, therefore, the best time to get in the game.

What is the best way to make money on bitcoin?

You can make money on bitcoin through trading or investing. Investing is for the long-term, while trading is for the short-term.

Bitcoin has hit rock bottom, so this may be the best time to buy for long-term investment. However, those looking for quick profits should go for trading. Trading involves placing bets on short-term volatility. High volatility translates to huge returns.

How do I manage the risks of bitcoin trading?

Bitcoin trading is extremely risky! Most investment advisors recommend a thorough risk appetite evaluation before investing.

You shouldn’t trade bitcoin with all your savings. This is because the likelihood of losses is high. It’s prudent to only invest an amount you can afford to lose. The risk management tools provided under the BitTrader platform should help you build an effective risk management strategy.

How do I access BitTrader in my language?

BitTrader is available in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish. You can change the site’s language through the flag button at the site’s header.

Changing the site’s language will also link you to a customer support team that speaks your language. You will receive a call from a local dedicated account manager on registration.

Does BitTrader work on smartphones and tablets?

You can use BitTrader on the web, desktop, and mobile. The tools under this platform operate under the MT4 and the cTrader systems.

These systems are available in native android and iOS mobile apps. The trading systems integrated with our tools are beginner friendly. Beginners can easily master the trading user interface.

How do I use BitTrader to trade multiple assets?

You can use the BitTrader tools to carry out trading research on different asset classes. Select your preferred asset classes to be matched with the relevant tools.

Click on each tool and follow the prompts to build trading strategies. Try the developed strategies on the demo and apply them on the live account when satisfied with their performance.

How long does it take for my BitTrader account to be verified?

You can deposit and trade on an unverified account. However, you can only withdraw the profits from a verified account.

The verification is facilitated by the underlying broker. You will be asked to upload a photo of your identity card for confirmation. The verification processing may take a couple of hours. There is nothing to worry about if you have provided accurate information.